2017 Diocesan Appeal

Dear Friends in Christ:

The theme of this year’s annual appeal is a powerful one indeed … “The Lord is With Us.”

We walk with the Lord in so many ways from the time we are made and born in God’s image until the time we are called back to him at the end of our days. During our lives we are also called in many ways to help others walk with Christ too.

Knowing that Christ is part of the very fabric of our lives also compels us to reach out to others with our time, talent and resources. Our faith calls us to encourage the faith of those around us and assist the needs of those most vulnerable so they too can share in the comfort of knowing The Lord is With Us.

Our spiritual commitment to the Catholic faith engages each of us in spirt and in body. In spirit, we believe and live everything conveyed to us from Jesus and through the Catholic Church. In body, we seek to bring Jesus and our faith to the needy and to the world. In the Diocese of Rockford, that work takes many forms in many different ministries whether it be through Catholic Charities, Life and Family Evangelization, Young Adult and Youth Ministry, Catholic Schools, Vocations, the Tribunal or my own ministry as bishop.

When our young people experience the presence of the Lord each year at the Youth Summit, it is because you have invested in their faith and their future.

Your commitment to share faith through your resources makes it possible for our Life and Family Evangelization Office to teach and prepare men and women for the fullness of God’s plan as faith-filled husbands, wives and mothers and fathers as they are called to marriage.

Your support for our 22 seminarians studying for the priesthood assures the future of our faith and the ability to teach and minister to the body and soul of all Catholics as we called to serve others in our diocese and in our world.

All those efforts bring the faith to others in one form or another on your behalf. That, of course, requires our financial commitment. And we fulfill that commitment through our support of the Diocesan Annual Appeal.

Participating in the 2017 Diocesan Appeal is a powerful way to make sure the larger family of your Church carries on the work of Jesus in a world that desperately needs our witness. All our gifts, whether they be gifts of treasure or our active presence in and love for the Body of Christ, help further Christ’s mission in your parish and in your diocese.

Thank you for your generosity to Diocesan Appeal and for your help in sharing the good news that the Lord is indeed with us in this world and the next.

In the love of Jesus Christ, I remain,

The Most Reverend David J. Malloy
Bishop of Rockford


To learn more or to donate, please visit the Diocesan Stewardship Appeal website.

2017 Diocesan Appeal Brochure